Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is why there aren't any pretty frame pictures

There's new noises in my shop-sounds of sawzalls and hammers banging and prying out nails. In a quest for more storage space my building superintendant has appropriated my office. I had a nice upstairs space that was part of my shop, although technically I was not charged any rent for it. I moved into this shop in late 1996 and have accumulated a lot of stuff since then. The 160 square ft. office was about 25% of my total space and it was a good place to store my old music gear that was choking my house. This photo is a view of where the office used to be, up a flight of stairs. It had a window that looked down on my workspace, a colossal 538 square ft.
This is not where you want to stand in the event of an earthquake. I have no doubt that a good deal of this stuff that used to be in the office will come cascading down with anything 4.0 or above on the Richter scale.
This used to be the office. I have no idea what it will become , but I know that I will no longer be welcome in this space. While it is always good to periodically purge and try to keep an orderly shop, this practice does not come naturally to me and I was not really ready to give up this space, especially on only two days notice. For better or worse, Rock Lobster cycles is shrinking. Maybe I'm only a Langostino now


  1. Hang in there brother. Sometimes a kick in the pants like this is exactly what's needed in order to move on in life and reach another level...

  2. Paul,

    On the verge of a move myself, I am empathetic. Boxes of gear from the mid-80's on have piled up and it pains me twice over...how I let so much accumulate and the struggle to move it on. I never considered myself a collector, hoarder, or junker, but this move and how much I purge will re-define what definition I adopt :)

    Best wishes,