Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Old number one, part II

Back in ancient times , beginning framebuilders used to assemble thier frames into rideable bikes before committing to paint. It the spirit of this nearly forgotten tradition, I built up old number one to see if the work I put into it made it less of a piece of shit. I'm happy to say that now, 32 years later this old turd is actually a nice riding bike. It's no real velodrome bike but it rolls along well and I haven't clipped a pedal yet. Maybe I'll get some paint on it.......after a few more test rides to make sure it dosen't disintegrate when I take it off a curb.


  1. Paint is for painters, AW shit. Are you as good as you were when you made that bike? It got improved recently, like an old lady gettin' new knees.

  2. you are too hard on yourself...whose number 1 is perfect?